It's Gunna Be A 
Race To Save Space!

Keep up to date with all our developments on Shuttle Shuffle. The rolling, grabbing, passing space saving campaign game! 

Games In Development

Granny Gossip

Granny Gossip is a morbidly hilarious story telling game where you'll compete to let the cat out of the bag and share the juiciest  gossip from around town!

Shuttle Shuffle

Shuttle Shuffle is fast passed, real time, cooperative  game where you'll pass, grab and ROLL your way around space to help aliens solve an intergalactic crisis!

Monster Market

Monster Market is an auction and bluffing game about making shady deals on the black market to build the best team of dodgeball playing monsters.

Donald Will

Game Designer


Last Slice Games

Tanner Short

Game Designer

Graphic Designer

Last Slice Games is a board game design studio founded by game designers and developers, Donald Will and Tanner Short. They have been designing games since 2017 focus on designing light to medium weight games that encourage player interactions. They strive to have players to come together have a good laugh and connect around a table. 


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