Granny Gossip Box Mockup.png

30 Minutes


3-8 Players



Granny Gossip

Last week your dear friend Ruth passed away. You couldn’t quite remember all the details while telling a captivating story of her life’s finest moments. Some of the points may have been exaggerated, but the other ladies didn’t seem to mind. With tears in their eyes, and heavy hearts, Ruth’s family was certain that her soon to be stray cats would feel at home with you. Teeming with jealousy, all the other grannies decided to be ready with stories for the next granny to croak.  


In Granny Gossip you pose as a long retired granny who has spent her week meandering around town, visiting all the popular spots where gossip is abound. It’s Sunday, time to spill the beans. You gather with all the old hags at church to reveal the latest news. Who will be the one to let the cat out of the bag? Tell the funniest stories, gather laughs and most importantly accumulate cats.