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Shuttle Shuffle Box Mockup.png

5 Minutes

3-5 Players

Shuttle Shuffle

You work as an astronaut in a restricted division of Area 51 and have been contacted by Aliens asking for your help to get them around the universe in time to stop an intergalactic crisis. The Aliens, desperate for help have taught you how to use their technology to move planets around the galaxy. The only question is will you be able to master it quick enough in this race to save space. 

In Shuttle Shuffle you and your friends will play cooperatively through a campaign to master Alien technologies. You'll pass UFOs, grab rocket ships, and roll planets across the universe as quick as possible to save the universe. Do you have what it takes to master this alien tech and help save the universe. 



Want to give Shuttle Shuffle a try?

We're looking for playtesters and are offering a free Print & Play Download for a limited time!

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Learn How It's Played

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